Business Law

Business law encompasses a number of topics beginning with the formation of the business entity to its dissolution. The Law Office of Jill Hudson works closely with business owners to help them at every step of the way to have a successful and profitable business and prevent litigation. Some of the areas we assist with include, but are not limited to:

Business Formation

When beginning a new business, attorney Jill Hudson will help you make important decisions and prepare necessary documents such as:

  • Deciding on the proper business structure that will keep your personal and business assets and liabilities separate. You want to be sure that your personal assets are protected from business creditors.
  • Determining who will manage the business and what will be the job duties of each person involved.
  • Establishing the daily function of the operation and how business interests will be transferred when necessary.
  • Drafting all documents necessary for establishing your business entity, such as bylaws, articles of incorporation and others.
  • Filing all relevant and required documents with the proper entity.

Business Contracts and Breach of Contract Litigation

No matter how small or large a business, it runs on contracts. The Law Office of Jill Hudson drafts contracts on all topics. Some of the most common contracts businesses need are:

  • Purchase of real estate contracts for the location of the business or leasing agreements if the property is to be leased.
  • Vendor contracts.
  • Contracts for equipment leasing.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Partnership agreements.

Before you sign a contract offered to you, it may need to be reviewed to ensure the contract contains everything to suit your needs.

The Law Office of Jill Hudson has the knowledge and dedication you need to help you with all of your businesses legal needs. She will help you pursue a business complaint, or she will defend you if you are being sued. All litigation is stressful, but you can rest comfortably knowing that Jill Hudson is your advocate who is diligently working on your behalf.